Ipad mini vs Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″

With all of the choices available for tablets and e-readers, buyers must consider their options very carefully before making a purchase. We have looked through the many different tablet and e-readers available and chose the Ipad mini and Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ as our final two contenders.

size comp
Source: https://www.apple.com/ipad-mini/specs/
Source: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BHJRYYS/ref=fs_ta#tech



Kindle Fire HDX

Ipad Mini

Battery Life

  • 12 hrs
  •  10 hrs


  • 2560 x 1600 (339 ppi)
  • 2048 x 1536 (326 ppi)

Input/Output Port

  • Micro-USB
  •  Lightning port

Retail Store Availability

  • No
  •  Yes


  • No software
  •  Itunes installation required

TV Compatibility

  • Yes (second screen and mirroring with Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Samsung TVs)
  •  Yes (Airplay and mirroring available with apple tv)
  • Front and rear
  • Front and rear


  • Cloud and digital store
  •  Cloud and digital store



For the price comparison I chose the 64GB of storage on both with wifi and cellular capabilities and no lock screen ads on the Kindle Fire HDX to make them comparable.

Kindle Fire HDX8.9″: $554.00

Ipad mini with retina display: $729.00


Deciding factors:

The Kindle’s interface is a bit more confusing, especially for first time users, but it also has the mayday button which connects users to technical support 24/7.  This allows users to explore their new tablet but to have a lifeline to a representative if they get a bit lost.

Two other things which are original to the Kindle are the parental controls (freetime) and the test drive option. With freetime users can set limits for their children with the length of time they can use the device and also which apps are available to them. This essentially creates a completely different tablet for children to use. Test drive is also a great option which allows users the opportunity to test apps before they purchase them.

Getting down to the actual e book component of each, the Kindle and Ipad have very similar looks with the readers. On the Ipad users can highlight, make notes, and bookmark pages. With the Kindle, users have all of the capabilities of the Ipad but can also translate large chunks of text (up to the entire book) and have it read back or in print for the entire selection. The Kindle also has a seamless shift from audiobook to print allowing users to read in print, pick up in the same place with the audiobook, and then begin with print again without sifting through the pages to find their spot.

The Kindle syncs content wirelessly to many different devices whereas the Ipad content is only available on apple products.

For the money, the Kindle wins out over the Ipad with a higher resolution and PPI, compatibility across multiple platforms, new features, and battery life.

Source: http://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=szlMD8qcSW19xM&tbnid=oN_w_V40qg2lGM:&ved=0CAUQjRw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fblog.laptopmag.com%2Famazon-kindle-fire-hdx-vs-google-nexus-7&ei=j27JU8n6H86syAThrYDIDg&bvm=bv.71198958,d.aWw&psig=AFQjCNFqLsNYnM8XTRp04zYqUPq_l-1ilQ&ust=1405796354199313

What are your thoughts on the two finalists? What features do you like or dislike? Share your comments below and subscribe for more product reviews.


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Grill out with the Latest & Greatest Techie Gadgets this 4th of July!

At Southern NetworX, we utilize the SNX Professor to share news and updates within the field of Information Technology, and to keep our customers and prospects alike armed with the latest information and tips & tricks in the world of IT! That applies to computers, hardware & software, smartphone applications, and the latest updates in the field of technology…including grilling gadgets.

With the 4th of July just around the corner, the majority of Americans will spend the day grilling, watching fireworks, and relaxing with friends and family. Technology has changed a lot in the past 65 years, and the products below are the proven result of that advancement. So, pick up one of these nifty tech gadgets before the 4th and grill out with the most up-to-date products on the market today!

The Vivino Wine App

The Vivino Wine App – Find that Wine!

During such social events as Independence Day, it’s not uncommon to sample a pleasing wine only to forget the brand soon afterwards. The fun, free Vivino app was created to help people remember great wines.

Vivino was launched in April 2012, and is the #1 wine app. With ease, the app helps wine lovers — novice or pro — discover and rate wines tasted. It allows users to do this by taking photos of wine labels using unique image recognition technology that matches scans against an ever growing database. Vivino connects wine lovers via a network of posted reviews and allows users to share their experiences through Facebook, Twitter and email. The app is available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry (BB10). To learn more, please visit http://www.vivino.com.



The iGrill with Bluetooth-enabled meat-monitoring

The iGrill lets your smartphone know in real time what the internal temperature of your meat is. This Bluetooth-enabled thermometer’s probe connects to a stand-up digital display, which communicates with your iPhone up to 200 feet to keep you up to speed on the meat’s real-time internal temp readings, as you already know your iPhone is 98 Degrees. In addition, it’s less than $100 on BestBuy.com.

The Lotus Grill – Smokeless and Portable

Looking to grill on the beach or other crowded location where smoke is frowned upon? Then the Lotus Grill is the grill for you! It features a built-in, battery-operated fan, which creates a bellows system that not only ensures the fire gets hot quick, but that there’s minimal smoke produced while it’s lit. It also works as a way to evenly distribute “thermal and radiant” heat across the grill, and thus only requires 10% of the coals you’d need in a regular, similarly sized rig.

The Grillbot

The Grillbot – A Roomba for your Grill!

While you won’t be able to order this in time for Independence Day (not available until September 20th for $99.95) we thought the Grillbot was still worthy of mentioning when it comes to the latest in grilling technology. It’s essentially a Roomba for grill tops; it moves around scraping the crusty sludge from grill rungs using three powerful, motorized wire brushes that conveniently activate at the press of a button.

Rechargeable and designed to scrub whether the grill is hot or cold, it’s equipped with an LCD timer for setting how long you want it to clean (a normal-sized grill should require about 5 minutes). In addition, when the brushes get overrun with gunk, they easily pop off and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

We hope everyone enjoys this blog and has a safe and fun-filled 4th of July! Happy Independence Day!

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Happy Father’s Day! Best Tech Gifts of 2013 for less than $50

With Father’s Day right around the corner, I decided to do a little research on what are the best tech gifts for Dad on the market today.  I was surprised to initially find quite a few old reviews/articles that were not only out of date, but also pricey pretty pricey! So, in honor of Father’s Day, this blog is devoted to helping all you last-minute gift-givers find the perfect techie gift for dad that won’t break the bank.

Show Dad how much you love him with these super cool techie gizmo gifts, all for less than $50!

Personalized iPhone cases on Shutterfly
Personalized Products for the Nostalgic Dad:

Pick him out something special and personalize it at shutterfly.com. From iPhone cases to calendars to personalized coffee mugs, Dad is sure to love seeing his family’s smiling face on whatever product you chose. iPhone cases start at $34.95 but are currently priced at 20% off. Plus, free shipping on orders over $25 (code: SHIP25, expires June 6th).


Toddy Gear Wedge Exposed Smart Cloth
The Wedge and the Toddy Smart Cloth, for the Techie Dad:
Toddy Gear offers customizable, multipurpose mobile accessories that are sure to assist any Dad with cleaning his iPhone or iPad screen in just a few swipes (the Toddy Smart Cloth offers dual sided cleaning and is made from plush microfiber for cleaning on one side and silky microfiber on the other side for polishing.) The Toddy Gear Wedge is a Beanbag-like stand that allows you to prop your iPhone, E-Reader, GPS or gaming devices without removing the case. The Smart Cloth is only $9.99, the Wedge $14.99. Get him both!



For the Working Dad, the USB Utility Charge Tool:
Phones & electronic accessories are the new essentials, so instead of getting Dad a Swiss Army Knife, get him a utility device he’ll actually use! This little charger comes equipped with a multi-use micro USB phone plug, mini USB plug, and iPhone plug. Just plug it into your computer’s USB drive, attach your gadgets, and charge away. Works with most devices and phones — iPhone plug compatible with iPhone 4, 4S and previous — Available at FredFlare.com for $24.


Ease-Fit Plus Armband for iPhone
For the Dad on the Run, the Ease-Fit Plus Armband for iPhone 5:
For just $29.99, the Dad who loves to stay fit will really appreciate the comfortable, low-profile design of the Ease-Fit Plus Armband for iPhone 5. Made of lightweight, breathable neoprene and Lycra, this armband keeps your phone at hand yet out-of-the-way so it won’t interfere with your workout. It also includes a pouch for convenient key storage. Get it online at belkin.com.


the Roku LT streaming player
For the Armchair Dad, the Roku LT TV Streaming Player:
Bring your dad’s TV experience into the 21st Century with the Roku LT Streaming Player. Channel surfing is a thing of the past! With Roku, Dad can choose what he wants to watch instantly.

Roku connects easily to Dad’s TV and wireless (Wi-Fi) network at home, and doesn’t charge a monthly fee, so he chooses what he pays for. Dad can also access existing subscriptions like Netflix, Hulu Plus or MLB.

The Roku LT is compatible with virtually any TV, offers 750+ entertainment channels, has built-in wireless (Wi-Fi b/g/n compatible), and plays up to 720p HD video. Plus, if you order a new player by Monday, June 10th you get it there in time with free shipping. You can order online for just $49.99 at Roku.com.


the Chillsner
For the Beer-Lovin’ Dad, the Chillsner by Corckcicle:

For just $29.95, keep your dad’s beer cool to the last sip with the Chillsner. It’s the first ever in-bottle beer chiller you can drink through. Inserted into any beer bottle, the Chillsner delivers a smooth flow of perfectly chilled beer with every sip, even the last one.

This little guy is so popular that it’s currently on back-order through corckcicle.com, but available on Amazon and Uncommongoods.com.


Biolite Portable Grill, for the Outdoorsy Dad:

The Biolite portable grill is slightly more than our $50 budget coming in at $59.95, but is still super cool for the price. It’s sleek, compact, and easy to refuel and offers compact design with easy to fold legs and a durable plastic travel cover. It’s available for purchase at biolitestove.com.

If you’re wanting to spend an extra $70 and really splurge on dad, try getting him the Biolite Camp Stove, which burns sticks, pine cones, pellets and other biomass and charges most USB devices, including smartphones (just $129.95 at biolitestove.com.)

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