Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration Ideas

In the past, Saint Patrick’s Day has fallen to the wayside of holiday planning for me but this year I have decided to give it a bit more effort. So I started planning.

My first stop for planning was, of course, the internet. While surfing around for different party ideas I found some great resources and I wanted to share my two favorites with everyone.


CNET correspondent Kara Tsuboi shares a few fun ways to add a splash of technology to your Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations in this video:

Link to Original Page: Tech to make part of your St. Paddy’s Day festivities


Alice Truong also shared a list of great high-tech Saint Paddy’s Day additions here:

This beertender looks incredibly handy!


I simply couldn’t decide which page I liked best so I will be taking ideas from both and I think this will be my best St. Patrick’s Day yet!

How do you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day? Do you have any favorite tech additions that you love? Share them with us in the comments section below so I can start planning for next year!!

As always, your safety is our number one concern so please enjoy this holiday responsibly. Make sure that you have a dependable ride or call a cab. Please don’t drink and drive. Stay safe and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from SNX Professor!!!


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Happy Valentine’s Day From SNX Professor

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! This holiday of connections makes me think of all the ways that we stay in touch today. There have been so many changes to social networking through the years which have changed the way relationships work. This infographic from shows the development of social networking through the years. 

How has technology changed your relationships for the better? 

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Reblogged: The Evolution of Labor Day from


With the upcoming Labor Day holiday this Monday, SNX I.T. found the following intriguing article on how technology has changed the meaning of Labor Day for those of us that use technology to work almost 24/7, and hardly ever stop working.

SNX I.T. isn’t the only company out there that offers services available 24/7 (by remote access), with employees that work both on the job, but also from other off-site locations. The evolution of technology and its effects on the modern worker make it hard for some of us to truly not labor on Labor Day, which would require us to put down our smartphones or tablets and not work.

The following article was written by Nancy Nally on and elaborates on this topic:

“The origins of Labor Day, which takes place the first Monday of September in North America, are somewhat uncertain. The holiday originated in Canada, born out of the worker’s rights movement there in the 1870s. By the 1880s, it had spread across the border, and the first organized Labor Day celebration in the U.S. was held in New York City in 1882.

Throughout the 1880s the honoring of Labor Day gradually made its way throughout the U.S., until it became a federal holiday during the administration of President Grover Cleveland in 1894. Rather than being a day of rest for the worker, however, Labor Day was initially a day of activism. Early celebrations relied on parades and festivals centered around union organizations and their workers. Homage was paid to the rights of these workers and their incredible importance in the growing industrial economy of the country.

What is certain is that since then, the world of work has changed dramatically. The American worker is migrating from the factory to service and knowledge work. Union membership is falling. More and more of us work for small businesses, or even ourselves, instead of large corporations.

As the worker evolved, so did Labor Day. It became a day of rest for office workers. Or at least it was until technology took over. Increasingly, as we’ve discussed often here at WWD, technology makes it difficult for workers to get away from their jobs — even on the supposed holiday meant to honor workers. Our BlackBerrys, laptops and other devices mean our work follows us everywhere we go, 24/7. This is doubly true for web workers. And for self-employed web workers, there is another challenge: taking time off means we aren’t making money.

So how do we web workers celebrate such a holiday when it’s increasingly difficult for us to take a holiday from our work? Maybe we need to get back to Labor Day’s original advocacy-focused roots.

Few web workers are members of unions, or of trade groups that advocate for our interests on a larger stage. That’s because, especially for solo workers, it can be easy to feel like there’s no point in speaking up on issues that relate to us, to just be one voice amidst a chorus of organized groups.

But if we don’t speak up for ourselves, who will?

So this Labor Day, even if we web workers aren’t pausing in our work to honor ourselves, maybe we should all add self-advocacy to our task lists. We need to be reminded of how important it is to stand up for our own interests, just like our ancestors did in the 19th century.

What are you doing for Labor Day? Are you working or honoring the holiday?”

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you plan to really rest this Labor Day or not?

SNX I.T. New Logo

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Article on SNX Fix I.T. @

Our last blog featured a brief write-up recently posted by Ralph Ellis on our new retail store, SNX Fix I.T., which will be opening this fall. A follow-up article has been written by Laura Haas at the Virginia Highlands Druid Hills Patch newspaper, and was sent out to their subscribers this morning. It is posted below, and can also be found online here.

SNX FIX I.T. Storefront
SNX FIX I.T. Storefront

SNX Fix I.T., Doing Right by Residents of VaHi

The owners of a new high-tech repair shop opening soon in VaHi want to do right for the community.

After decades of working for large firms in the I.T. industry, Jeremy Anderson began to feel uncomfortable with common practices at the IT firm where he worked.

“The morals of the I.T. industry was hard for me,” Anderson said.  “I had been asked before to draw out more time so we could charge more to the customer and a lot of that just didn’t sit well with who I am.”

In 2008 he started up SNX IT with his former colleague Michael Petri.

“I just felt like if we built something from the ground up we could do it the right way the first time,” Anderson said.

SNX IT is an independent IT firm that caters to medium and small businesses.

Now, Anderson and Petri are reaching out to the residential market with their new brick and mortar store SNX Fix I.T., opening in half of the property that used to be Armour & Co. on N. Highland Avenue.

“This neighborhood is us,” Anderson said.  “It allows us to grow in good ways with the neighborhood and us, we probably wouldn’t have done this is any other location in Atlanta.”

The store will offer installation and repair services for technology including computers and mobile devices, sell computers and other computer-related tools and offer advice to consumers about new or unfamiliar products.

”We’re trying to bring the same type of environment and expertise and knowledge to all of the other devices that aren’t handled by Apple,” Petri said.

This is key for SNX Fix I.T. because although they have the knowledge to handle Apple products, they do not yet have the certification required by Apple.  For Apple users, using an uncertified technician will nullify the product warranty.  SNX Fix I.T. is in the process of gaining certification and hopes to have it in a few months.

Also in a few months, SNX Fix I.T. will offer training classes so that customers can better understand technology and can even repair and install things on their own.

“We really want to run this from an education standpoint,” Petri said.

The two are not concerned that if their customers have the knowledge, they might not come back to the store for repairs.

“I’d rather them have the knowledge,” Anderson said, adding that he hopes to empower and educate customers, not take advantage of their lack of expertise.

These tech experts have been working with computers for most of their lives and are eager to give away tips and tricks to help residents of Virginia Highlands who aren’t technologically gifted understand the tools that they use every day.

“My brain works that way. I love puzzles, I like things that aren’t the same all of the time,” Anderson said.  “I’d like to bring people to understand what that actual back-end of the problem could be.”

For SNX Fix I.T. helping others isn’t just good for community relations, it’s their business philosophy.

“You do right for others and the rest of it just falls into place,” Anderson said.

SNX Fix I.T. is still under construction but will be opening later this fall.

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SNX Fix I.T. is Just Around the Corner

SNX Fix I.T. logo

SNX I.T. is proud to announce that the lease has been signed and retail space acquired for subsidiary company SNX Fix I.T., “The Computer Store that Does More.” The new retail store will open in the upcoming months and will boast products such as Skooba Design laptop bags, Dell computers and parts, Microsoft Office programs, and also offers smart phone and computer repair. A prior blog on the store can be found here.

The following is an article on the new store written by , editor at the VirginiaHighlands-DruidHills Patch (Vahi):

High Tech Repair Shop To Open in VaHi

SNX FIX I.T. will move into half the space previously occupied by Armour & Co., near the post office on North Highland.

SNX FIX I.T. will move into half the space previously occupied by Armour & Co., near the post office on North Highland. SNX FIX I.T., a computer and smart phone repair shop, will move into half the space previously occupied by Armour & Co., a home furnishings store, on North Highland Avenue in Virginia Highland.
SNX FIX I.T., a computer and smart phone repair shop, will move into half the space previously occupied by Armour & Co., a home furnishings store, on North Highland Avenue in Virginia Highland.

A repair shop for computers and smart phones will open soon at 1198 N. Highland Ave., near the post office in Virginia Highland.

SNX FIX I.T. will move into half the space previously occupied by Armour & Co., a home furnishings and decor store that closed in March. The tenant for the other half of the space has not been revealed.

The company’s website says,

“The store will be a full-service computer repair shop, offering iPhone repair, computer repair (any type), virus scanning, memory boosting, and just about anything else that you can think of. There will also be new and refurbished computers and computer parts for sale as well.

As well as offering repair services, the SNX FIX I.T. store will be licensed to resale products from Microsoft and Skooba Designs, among others. When you come in to get your computer or phone repaired, you will have the option to purchase Microsoft applications such as PowerPoint, Office, Word or Excel, or pick yourself up a nifty new laptop bag designed by Skooba.”

The shop is the idea of Jeremy Anderson and Michael Petri, the CEO and COO, respectively, and founders of Southern NetworX.

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