DIY: Create Speakers out of that old Pair of Earbuds!

DIY - speakers out of earbuds


With DIY (do it yourself) projects being all the rave as of late, we at Southern NetworX figured why not share a pretty fun, easy, and “green” DIY project for today’s blog. We found this one particularly useful, because most of us have at least one extra pair of earbuds hiding somewhere in the house or office, so why not put them to good use?Movie Get Out (2017)

Materials needed:

Pair of old earbuds
4 paper cups
2 toothpicks or skewers (something small and pointy would also work)
A small knife, or scissors

Here’s how we did it:

Step 1)

Gather 2 of the 4 paper cups (these will be the “speakers” on top) and poke a little hole in the side seam where you will later be inserting the toothpick, to later secure one on top of the other.

Step 2)

With the same cups you just cut the slit into, make a cross (“t” shape) on the bottom of each with your knife. One long cut and the one short cut across. Push the earbuds all the way into the hole until they’re inside the cup, and only the wires are coming out the back.

Step 3)

Reach into the cup and with your finger push the flaps of the cross shape back out the cup a bit to create an indentation at the back of the cup where the back of your earbud will rest. Pull the earbuds through the back of the hole until they’re nestled snugly against the back of the cup (Just the round speaker portion should be visible inside the cup.)

Step 4)

On the outside-bottom of the cup, tape the stem/base of the earbud to the bottom of the cup to make sure the speaker is facing directly out towards the mouth of the cup; not dangling down or pointing to the side. Just basically secure it in place.

Step 5)

Poke the toothpick or skewer through the bottom of the other two base cups, and place the speaker cups on top where you made your initial slit in the seam. And Whala! Paper cup speakers!

Granted, these will not be very loud. You have to turn your computer volume way up and go into your sound mixer preferences to add bass and tweak it a little bit. But if you mess around with it a little, it’s better than not having speakers at all. Plus, you can always spruce them up with doodles or stickers and then brag to all your friends about how green and creative you are! (But – if you’re looking to go spend REAL money on speakers, we will have some for sale soon at our new store, SNX Fix I.T.)

Happy DIY!

(If you’re looking for a version of this DIY project with pictures, click here.)


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