How to Backup Text Messages to your Hard Drive from an iPhone

Following along the lines of a previous blog which covered saving voice mails off of an iPhone, this blog will focus on how to back up text messages from an iPhone to your hard drive. Online research indicates that while iTunes does backup a copy of all text messages each time an iPhone is synced, for the common computer user the messages are still extremely hard to locate and decipher.

There are a few different applications and methods available to accomplish this. The method that follows entails purchasing the app SMSExport for $5.99 from iTunes. It is fairly straight forward and easy-to-use, despite some negative reviews out there.

If for some reason the method below doesn’t work for you, contact a computer expert at our retail store SNX Fix I.T. for assistance with all of your smart phone repair and purchase needs.

Step 1: Download the app SMSExport in iTunes (on your computer)

Important: This will only work if you download the application in iTunes on your computer. If you download it from the app store on your iPhone, you will only be able to use the trial version and will not be able to save text messages to your hard drive.

Buy SMSExport on your computer from iTunes

Step 2: Go to on your computer

SMS Export screenshot

Step 3: Download SMSExport (free)

Click on the Downloads page and download SMSExport for MS Windows or Mac. Don’t launch the program yet, just install it.

Download SMSExport

Step 4: Backup your iPhone

After downloading the program onto your computer, follow the instructions on the SMSExport homepage. First, open iTunes and connect your iPhone. Make a backup of your data.

iTunes Backup screenschot

Depending on when your last backup was and how fast your computer is, this could take a while. It always helps to close down any open programs that are running in the background.Watch 1916: The Irish Rebellion (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Wait a while...

Step 5: Launch SMSExport on your computer and import your text messages

Once you have downloaded the program and your backup is complete, launch SMSExport from your computer and select “import” from the last backup you just completed.

Import from your last backup

Step 6: Save SMS messages to your disk

Use the filters to select what to export to your hard drive. Using the filters below will export all messages.

Select your filters

Next, click “Export” and choose the folder you want to store the file in.

Select a location for your export

Hit the “Save” button and the export begins. Within a few seconds, all of your text messages have been successfully backed up to your hard drive.

SMS successfully exported


The goal of the SNX Professor is to educate and enlighten customers and non-customers alike on anything and everything related to the field of Information Technology. We at SNX I.T. thank you for reading and hope you found this guide helpful. Your feedback and comments are appreciated!

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