Keep Your Personal Information And Data Safe With These 4 Quick Tricks


At SNX I.T. and SNX Fix I.T., we work based on the belief that customers and prospects alike should be armed with as much information about the technological world as possible; all business is run from an educational standpoint. Our goal is to empower and educate customers, not take advantage of anyone’s lack of expertise.

These 4 quick IT tips below provide simple solutions to what could be time-consuming, painful events if not followed.

1)      Beware of “Shoulder Surfing”.

When entering personal information while filling out a form, or entering your PIN number in the check-out line, beware of anyone standing nearby. They may be doing more than just waiting their turn. To help prevent “shoulder surfing”, make an effort to shield your paperwork from view using your body, or cup your hand over the keypad when entering your PIN. Hackers and scam-artists use this method to steal personal information, identities, and money; always be aware of who is watching you enter your personal information.

2)      Make your password hard to hack.

When deciding on a password, one handy tip for making it hard to hack is by coming up with a sentence that’s easy for you to remember, then picking the first letter of each word and adding some special characters or numbers to the beginning and end. For example: “I want a new phone for Christmas” = IWANPFC. Then use a variation of upper case/lower case letters, add some special characters, and the result is = iW@nP4c!. This is a handy way to come up with easy to remember passwords that are hard to crack. The result is an account that is much harder to hack into by anyone attempting to break into your account.

3)      Use a separate email address for web postings.

At SNX we suggest that customers secure their data and reduce the amount of incoming spam by using a dedicated email address for web/social media posts. It is also best to never use a business email address for posting guest book entries, votes, or for Q&As in online forums and surveys. It’s great to be reachable in these situations, but best to be anonymous. Another benefit to following this suggestion is a personal email account with much less spam.

4)      Backup your computer.

Backing up your hard drive (click here to view a prior blog on computer optimization) is a relatively inexpensive way to avoid the total disaster of losing your data to a system crash. Backup drives cost around $75, backup software is around $30 or less, and an SNX I.T. technician can install it for you in less than an hour at an affordable price. Contact us today for help getting your information backed up and secure.

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