SNX FIX I.T. – The Computer Store That Offers More

SNX FIX I.T. Storefront
SNX FIX I.T. Storefront

Jeremy Anderson (CEO) and Michael Petri, (COO) founders of Southern NetworX, are always coming up with new ideas and business ventures, the latest of which is “SNX FIX I.T.” – a retail store located in Atlanta, GA that will be opening within the next few months. The lease was signed this past week, and plans for construction have already begun.

The store will be a full-service computer repair shop, offering iPhone repair, computer repair (any type), virus scanning, memory boosting, and just about anything else that you can think of. There will also be new and refurbished computers and computer parts for sale as well.

As well as offering repair services, the SNX FIX I.T. store will be licensed to resale products from Microsoft and Skooba Designs, among others. When you come in to get your computer or phone repaired, you will have the option to purchase Microsoft applications such as PowerPoint, Office, Word or Excel, or pick yourself up a nifty new laptop bag designed by Skooba. To top it off, you won’t want to leave the store without having your newly-fixed phone treated with Liquipel, an amazing advancement in technology that will actually waterproof your phone.

In addition to the above, we’re keeping it green by installing solar panels on the roof to cut down on electricity bills and help the environment.

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Liquipel Water Protection

Skooba Tenba Messenger Laptop Bag
Skooba Tenba Messenger Laptop Bag


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