SNX I.T.: A Small Business Tackling Big Problems

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Below is a press release from SNX I.T., which just moved from Peachtree Street NW to North Highland Ave in Atlanta, GA and plans to open a retail branch within the next month:

SNX I.T.: A Small Business Tackling Big Problems

(Atlanta, GA – August 1, 2013) SNX I.T. is an Atlanta-based IT firm offering what many information technology companies have neglected: affordable networking solutions AND excellent customer service. Taking a service-oriented mantra one step forward, SNX I.T. was founded in 2008, and has been a go-to resource for companies looking to save money by outsourcing their IT staffing needs.

SNX I.T. CEO Jeremy Anderson created the company with the goal of making every customer equally important – knowing that each member of the SNX I.T. team is approachable and available, “Getting straight answers shouldn’t be something that requires pulling teeth,” says Anderson. “At SNX I.T., what I have tried to do is learn from all the different failed companies I’ve seen and build ours based on what they could have done differently. After nearly 20 years in the Information Technology industry, I decided to create a company based on morally sound principles – focusing on accelerating our customer’s business, and in turn, ours.”

For most people, computer literacy (beyond desktop publishing) is like speaking a foreign language. SNX I.T., however, speaks it well and offers services that are a truly reliable resource for small and medium-sized businesses. SNX I.T. does this by assisting companies to operate more efficiently and effectively. From IT strategy and consulting, hardware repair/ maintenance, and on-site staffing, SNX I.T. offers solutions for businesses of any size. Based on a predetermined hourly need, SNX I.T. will assign an expert IT professional for your project to provide regular routine services as would a regular employee. SNX I.T. clients benefit from this because instead of hiring an entire IT department – or paying someone annually – they instead pay for only the hours of service needed on a month-to-month basis.

SNX I.T. also offers network installation and integration, network security, and secure backup management, among others. A list of services can be found on their website at

SNX I.T. is uniquely geeky, but social. They have built a solid social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as the introduction of the SNXProfessor, an online blog and learning resource. is a platform for a myriad of topics relative (but not limited) to the IT industry. With blogs covering topics that range from the start of the company to the history behind the world’s first computer, the SNX Professor is built to arm prospects and clients alike with a myriad of useful technology tips and tricks. Let the SNX I.T. team of experts help make your business more efficient and affordable by doing what they do best, so you can do what you do best: run your business.

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