The Story of a Brake Job That Went Well… almost

I have a little changing of the brakes story from this weekend…


           I am not a mechanic and I haven’t even played one on tv.  I do know that I am pretty logical and I like to tinker.  I have also changed brakes on some other cars but always with the help of someone else near that knew what they were doing.  Still, there were issues.  Like any great “at home” mechanic I went to Autozone and picked up brake pads, rotors, brake cleaner, brake fluid, pad spreader and maybe a few other things.  Waited a few days for the rotors to come in and during that time found a few websites through a google search telling me the steps to do a great brake change.   I found out that I would need a 13mm socket to take the caliper and pad housing off.  Awesome, I have that, so no other parts necessary.  Rotors come in and now I am set.  After jacking up the car and putting stands under the right parts of the car, I take the tire off and go to take the bolts off that hold the caliper on.  Great!  The tool I have works!  Then go to take the pad housing off.  Wait, what?  It needs a 16mm socket.  My socket set doesn’t have this and I promise I watched the guy on the youtube video and he said for certain, “13 mm socket will take off both sets of these bolts that hold on the caliper and the pad housing.”  I think to myself, after I go buy this socket, I am suing them for all they have for misinformation (kidding, well no, I said it to myself but I wouldn’t sue for that).  Well, now I need to take the first trip to Autozone to get a tool.  After getting the tool coming back and taking off the necessary parts, I find that the brake pads that were given to me by the experienced 18 year old Autozone employee were the wrong part.  Almost like an uninformed google search.  Anyway, went back received the right part and was back on the way to car stopping nirvana.  All in all, this process took about 4 hours.  The actual taking apart/labor of the event took 45 minutes.

             I did this because I had the time and I wanted to experience the experience but imagine if I was trying to run a business of transporting important documents across the city and I had to do this to one of my vehicles.  That would be a complete waste of money and resources. Now imagine I am a lawyer or doctor trying to fix peoples lives and a computer messes up or I have a piece of malware that is sending my data out into the internet…  kind of the same thing.  That google search may have given answers and it may be fun to tinker, but if our time and resources are worth anything, wouldn’t it be time to call on someone that you trust and trusts you to keep this all in check.

Technology in any industry today has to be a line item in your budget.  You will not know if you have computer issues like malware or viruses that can be destroying your hardware or sending personal client data out of your network until it is too late.  Find a great team of people that can be proactive in preventing your systems from being damaged.  It may feel like a place to cut corners because IT is transparent.  You can’t see the effects while it is working.  When things are at its best in IT you won’t even think about it and this is why it is underfunded in all the organizations we go into.

We all get into “I can do anything” mode which isn’t a bad thing… some of the time.  In 2014 – 2015 if you think that you can run a business without touching technology you might not be looking from the best angle as a business owner or manager.  Do everyone in the organization a favor and adjust your budget. Put a bigger priority on function and it will pay for itself.  You will see higher productivity, your equipment will last longer and when things do go wrong you will have a trusted advisor to help get through the pain.  Tinker with your kids new toys instead… that will get your blood pumping!

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